During our free year in Thailand we became, Crister and I (Hilda) great diving enthusiasts, the idea from the very beginning was to stay down there, but after living in the heat for 9 month we decided to return home.

Nowadays we return twice a year to dive.                      

We dive with Danny and his staf at Poseidon Dive Center.          

When we are there we live at Scandinavien Residense, a small guesthouses in Ao Nang just outside Krabi

Can you imagine what we missed the most and what made us go home?

It was walking in the woods picking mushrooms.

Making candles and sewing,but most of all

The feeling of Christmas spirit

So what happens now when we are back home again?


Today I also work as a CPR instructor for the Red Cross.

I also have my own company where I train other companies in cardio pulmonary resuscitation

Check in on www.maensklig-omtanke.com

The problem is that the website is entirely in Swedish

Crister has started a trucking company and I have a  workshop with a variety of crafts including making candles, sewing, patchwork and weaving, but we are also in the manufacture of jewelry in silverclay, the latest addition is the jewelry of polished stones that we find when we're out in the nature.

And to pick mushrooms.They should be big:-)